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This site exists to make available new graphics/icons for the game Helherron(while waiting for new versions with updated graphics).

For more information or to download the game itself, click on that bloody logo thing below.

Welcome to My Helherron page!

To download and use the newest Helherron icons, do the following:

1)Click on the the graphic down there near the bottom of this page(the human with the pole axe) and save the file "" to wherever.

2)Unzip the file to somewhere(i.e. "New Helherron icons").

3)Go into your Helherron game folder and find the file "helgraph.dat" and create a backup copy(i.e. save a copy renamed to "helgraph_original.dat"). Next go to the "helgraph.dat" file and rename it to "helgraph.pcx"

4)Open the "helgraph.pcx" file in your favorite paint/image editing program(I use Paint Shop Pro) and find the option to "Set grid/guide properties". Set this to 32x32 pixels(not all the graphics in this file will fit in this grid but don't worry about that right now).

5)Select the option to "View grid".

6)Now go back to the folder where you unzipped the new Helherron icons to(the file you downloaded from here) and open up "2sword_troll.pcx". You should now have both the "helgraph.pcx" file and this "2sword_troll.pcx" file opened with the latter selected/active.

7)Find the option to "copy"(to clipboard) the currently active(the 2sword_troll.pcx) image. This will usually be under "Edit" or some such in the paint program's taskbar thing(or "Ctrl + V").

8)Now use the "zoom" feature on the "helgraph.pcx" file to zoom in on the area where the PC icons are, in particular the trolls, making the "helgraph.pcx" file the active/selected file for the moment.

9)Pick(mentally not actually try to manually select it) one of the trolls you wish to replace(say the loinclothed one with the club) and use your paint program's feature to "paste as new selection"(IMPORTANT: Do NOT "paste as new IMAGE". You want "paste as new selection") and use the mouse to position the new icon within the grid lines over the troll you are replacing.

10)Save the "helgraph.pcx" image.

11)Repeat for each of the other icons you wish to use, as appropriate for their race/class(i.e. do not replace a halfling priest/caster with a human swinging a greatsword), remembering to save the file when done.

12)Exit the paint program and go back to your Helherron game folder and find the file "helgraph.pcx".

13)Rename that file to "helgraph.dat"(without the quotes of course and MUST be helgraph.dat, EXACTLY or you will not be able to play your game until you name this file correctly.

*NOTE*: Some paint programs, including PSP can open graphical DAT files without renaming them to '.pcx' or whatever.

14)The new icons will now be useable for either creating a new party of replacing existing icons (Ctrl + I) with different ones.

NOTE: The "Mummy" and Horse icons are to replace the appropriate monsters in the helgraph.dat file. The original horse was done by ME but was too small. This new one is bigger and more in line with the rest of the graphics. The original mummy was done by Heikki and there was nothing wrong with it but mine is a bit more "mummy-ish"(re: If you like my icons in general you will want this mummy).