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Natuk is a computer role-playing game of orcish revenge. It breaks from standard fair in that you, the player create a party of eight orcs, ogres and half-troll warriors, assassins, scouts, shamans and witch-doctors who have been found guilty of plotting to kill the emperor Molvosh and were subsequently sentenced to death. But alas, some bureaucratic error resulted in your crew being sent to work as slave laborers in a forsaken outpost south of Klorga.


Thus begins your epic quest to repay Molvosh and take you place as the new emperors of Natuk.


The game is an old school, 2D & top-down tile-based RPG(like the older Ultimas, The Exiles games from Spiderweb Software etc.) which sports loads of fantastic orcish humor and a tactical combat system that rivals Jagged Alliance 2 in some regards. 

Click this one to download my human 'Assassin/rogue' icon.

NATUK Custom Icons




Below are links to download custom icons I have done for Natuk(click the preview pictures). These are one hundred times better than the ones I did 6 or 7 years ago(when I was just starting out messing around with computer graphics) that remain on the "Custom Icons Page" at Tom Proudfoot's site

To use these custom icons for your PCs in Natuk, simply rename them "CUSTOM1.pcx", "CUSTOM2.pcx", etc. up through "CUSTOM8.pcx" and then paste them into the "PCX" folder in your Natuk main folder, overiding the old "Custom" files. Then they will be available to use in game from the character creation screen or by using CTRL + 'i' to switch the graphics for existing characters in game.



Pirates of the Western Sea

P.O.W.S. Custom Icons



Scroll down a bit to get my custom icons for P.O.W.S. . I helped out on the official graphics for the game but sadly, that same incident that wiped out my older, improved Natuk stuff also wiped out a TON of new(and much better) P.O.W.S. graphics which never saw the light of day either.


These icons here are, at the moment, ones I did before and sent to Tom but they did not make it into POWS(at least I don't THINK they did...?) before Tom stopped working on the game. I have recently began adding brand spanking new icons here as well. 

Also, custom Natuk icons will work in P.O.W.S. as is(though what use they would have is limited to the few 'orcy' RPCS you can add to your party), but the reverse is not true. Natuk uses a special 256 color pallet and thus cannot make use of P.O.W.S.' 'truecolor' graphics. 


Below are detailed instructions for using custom icons in POWS/ToD, as well as an explanation of the 'True Purple' coloring on parts of some icons(such as the cape of the naval guy below.) . 

Using custom POWS graphics are a bit different than the procedure for Natuk customs. Inside the POWS main folder is a folder titled "Custom". Simply put whatever custom icons you wish to use in this folder(same for Tower of darkness) and then, when in game and seeking to use the custom, simply click on the "custom" icon(will be blank I think if you have no customs in folder) and then type the name of the custom you want to see/use.

For example: If you have a custom named "assassin.pcx" in your custom folder and you want to replace one of your current character icons with that one, bring up the icon-switch screen using CTRL + i, click the 'custom' icon and then type in "assassin"(without quotes) and VIOLA! 


You will notice that several icons in POWS feature what seems to be a gaudy purple color for some articles of clothing, armor or other details. POWS and ToD feature an ingenious "color switching" tool. When selecting a new icon for a character, if that icon has ANY bits of "true purple"(equal parts "red" and "blue" with 0 "green")  can be switched out for any of several colors from "red" to "yellow" to "black"(about a dozen colors in all to choose from).

So if you are using that "NavyCapt.pcx" custom icon and want him to have a blue cape(because his cape is naturally purple) , simply click on the blue square on the color selector and SHAZAM! He has a blue cape.

Tower of Darkness

The above picture/logo links to where you can download Tower of Darkness.

Tower of Darkness is a 'Roguelike' RPG set within the P.O.W.S. world and using that game system. Compared to P.O.W.S., it is a smallish, coffee break type RPG. The object is to get down to the tenth level, kill some demons, retrieve an artifact, then make it back to the city up top, where you start at.

Unlike most roguelike games, in ToD you can recruit additional NPCs along the way...a few of which are found right at the tavern at the start of the game and the rest are down in the dungeons. 


Tower allows you to use custom icons just as P.O.W.S. does.